Sports Massage

Our sports massage therapists are all qualified to the highest level in the UK and have a background working with Olympic athletes, West End and music performers as well actors and actresses. They will aid the optimal performance and recovery of cast and crew by helping them deal with the issues caused by long repetitive days in the pressured environment of Productions.

We at Production Physiotherapy supply a variety of options when it comes to your Sports Massage requirements. These can be found via our portfolio.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your requirements and how we can help!

Cost Effective

Our multi skilled staff are able to provide a variety of services to help keep control of your costs. Meaning our Sports Massage Therapists are not just Sports Massage Therapists. They are also highly qualified in Physiotherapy, Sports Therapy, Strength and Conditioning or Pilates. This ensures you are getting two services for the price of one.

Full Production Support

We can provide Production long support in a number of forms. This could be from Full time, daily support to once weekly drop ins and everything in between. Our flexibility ensures you get what you require.

Onset Visit

One off visits can be arranged for those new pains or injuries that are sustained, needing assessment and treating as well devising a treatment.

Home Visit

Single sessions or block bookings at your convenience. Out of hours appointments are available to ensure consistent treatment is achieved to get the client back to 100% in the shortest time possible.

Clinic Appointments

We can arrange appointments with our therapists at various clinics across London.